We have developed our network to provide help to our clients in over 90 countries. Our members and partners are carefully selected and reviewed on a continuous basis. In addition we have linked with several individuals and partner organisations to provide expertise in specific topics.

Our Network

regulanet® - The Network

The regulanet® network is represented in over 90 countries worldwide and consists of members and partners whose core expertise is regulatory.

Over the years, the services offered by the members and partners have expanded to include all facets of development, regulation, and market access.

The regulanet® database contains contact details, a service summary of each member, and a link to their website. However, members are just one category of partner we have in the Network. In addition to members, we have many other partners whose details are not made available to the public therefore if you need details of the other partners we have in each country please contact the regulanet® team, who will be happy to help you.

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Joint Venture Partners

We have joint ventures with five members:

Farmavita R+ a leading pharmaceutical licensing, technology transfer, and regulatory affairs provider in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

JensonR+ a company focused specifically in the UK and Ireland which offers a range of services and in-house expertise on the entire product life cycle, from early development to post-marketing and regulatory.

MontroseR+ based in Singapore to provide clients with the necessary expertise and advice across Asia, Montrose R+ can advise clients on regulatory and market access affairs matters for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics. Montrose R+ works with regulatory affairs professionals based in the different countries who provide the local, up to date expertise.

PTR+Pharma Consulting is a leading full service regulatory consultancy based in Lisbon, Portugal.

regulanet® Switzerland establishes quality management systems and licences for clients wishing to enter Europe.

Expert Partners

regulanet® was founded by Dr. Jürgen Regenold as an international regulatory network but has now been extended to include several partners, who are expert in specific topics, which increases the range of services available to our clients.

Expert partners include:

  • Contract Research Organisations
  • International contract development and manufacturing companies
  • Analytical experts and laboratories
  • Pre-clinical and clinical investigational units and sites
  • Bioanalysis, pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamic modeling experts and laboratories
  • Market access experts
  • Patient adherence experts

By developing these relationships, we are able to call on experts in many fields to complement our core services for the benefit of our clients.